Welcome to My Worlds!

Tim Wise says:

Thank you for visiting  Wisewirx Media, the home of Professor Theophilus’ Emporium of Imagination and Emporium Press. I’m Tim Wise, and I founded the  publishing company (with its imprints) to manage my creative work and the work of select other artists. Wisewirx is also the home of the Intrepid Force when they’re visiting our time period. The later twenty-first century is a pretty turbulent place, but they stop by when they can. The Emporium of Imagination is the creative laboratory that drives the rest of the company.

Come on in and take a look around. Under the Intrepid Force tab, you’ll read about the first two books in the Intrepid Force series and receive updates about other Intrepid Force projects. Under Other Fiction, you’ll read about other fictional stories that are not located in the Intrepid Force universe.  Under Nonfiction, you’ll find some business cases I’ve written (available free of charge!) and a book on theology and science I’ve written.  The Cool Stuff page is kind of a catch-all where I include stories about favorite books and movies, projects my friends and I are involved in, and anything else I think is interesting enough to pass on to my guests.  The purposes of the FAQ and Contact Us pages are somewhat obvious.