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Author’s Comments: The Intrepid Force and I have been friends for a long time.  Ivan Wilson, Kelly Farrar, and I dreamed up the earliest versions of the team and their universe when we were high school students. Like the music of a garage band, the early drafts lacked professional polish but gleamed with youthful enthusiasm.  I was sure the adventures of the Intrepid Force would not only be published as books but transformed into films by the time my friends and I were in our early twenties. None of my dreams of being the next Lucas or Spielberg (or Bradbury or Roddenberry) worked out quite as I hoped or expected, but they sustained me through some lonely times, and I’ve always been grateful for that.  These characters have grown over time and continue to grow with each new volume, and I’m happy to introduce them to you.

INTREPID FORCE (The First Volume of the Intrepid Force Series)


Author: Timothy D. Wise

Pirate Eisman joined the team because of Wendy Blake—even if he couldn’t admit it to himself. Wendy was an olive-skinned beauty, but her skin and her beauty were as artificial as her bionic limbs. Who was Wendy really? A scarred and tortured soul perhaps, or maybe a courageous soul whose rare and powerful beauty could only be born in pain? Would he ever know for sure?

The other members of the team had issues of their own: Reverend Gene Shepard saw training the team as a kind of penance. Jared Thomas had disturbing visions of the future that led him into trouble rather than away from it. Zapper Martin’s “electric eel” nervous system might one day kill him if his sense of humor didn’t get him killed first.Mike Noguchi’s implants had transformed him from a paraplegic into a martial arts powerhouse. Dr. Jaina Benedict resented her brilliant mind being trapped in a teenager’s body. Colonel Hal Wolfe was nearly invulnerable inside his giant exoskeleton but all to vulnerable to the strains his military career placed upon his family. Tori Sakai’s “virtual body” allowed her to go anywhere and her love of tinkering knew no bounds—but why did she have to deal with people?Ahadri was an eight-foot-tall giant rescued from a life of grinding poverty and suddenly placed in a high-tech world.

The group is only beginning to work together when the return of a deadly enemy who destroyed an earlier group of the same name seizes control of Venus dome and threatens the lives of the 25,000 people who live there. To defeat their foe, the men and women of Intrepid Force must face and defeat their own inner demons as well.

Genre: Superhero, Science-Fiction, Christian/Mainstream Crossover

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INTREPID FORCE: INVASION (The Second Volume in the Intrepid Force Series)


Author: Timothy D. Wise

It began with a signal from an ancient wreck on Titan, Saturn’s large moon. The Arthur Conan Doyle, a survey ship, went to investigate and vanished. Two years later, Earth is invaded by an armada of ships led by a myterious warlord who calls himself Gogue and claims to be the Antichrist. Aided by Neema, a young woman who claims to have come from a dark and terrible future, the battle weary Intrepid Force races to unravel the mystery and free their world before Neema’s future becomes their own reality.

Genre: Superhero, Science Fiction, Christian/Mainstream Crossover

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Coming Soon: The Intrepid Force Graphic Novel